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Here some useful sites I think.

I am in no way responsible for any of the contents you can reach through this links! 

Links concerning the Minolta manual focus system: Justin RED Bailey's bible for the manual Minolta lens chronology. A must read for real fans! Antony's fabulous site regarding Minolta manual focus gear. Including many lens tests. Peter Blaise Monahan site with many information regarding manual Minolta gear. Henrik W. Robecks site, many pictures of Minolta Rokkor lenses. Mikko Niskanen's photography page he loves the Minolta XE. Minolta lens reviews by Chris Valentine The Minolta users group. Minman another site regarding manual Minolta equipment. Minolta MC and MD Rokkor historical lens tests results. Overview over Minolta manual focus cameras and also some technical notes.

Links concerning the Hasselblad system: A site with a hasselblad forum and useful downloads (some manuals). Stefan Heymanns very good site regarding photography and the Hasselblad (in german).
A Hasselblad pictorial history
An article concerning Carl Zeiss glass and T* coatings. They call this glass the "flagship lenses". A site collecting Color Foto test results for medium format lenses. Hasselblad Users group archieve.

Links concerning the Minolta Autocord: The most complete Autocord site I have found with serial number list for the 24 different models and very good information regarding available accessoires. The site of a real autocord fan. The site containing the lens test report and further many worth reading user postings. An Article from Justin Bailey about the Autocord in Yahoo groups. Autocord and some possible problems that can arise. A single user report.

Links concerning the Rollei 35: The Global Rollei Club page concerning the Rollei 35. An article from Michael Reichmann. Production dates and a statement mentioning that the rollei sonnar got the best lens test results in Modern Photography of any of the compact 35mm full frame cameras.