Olympus C-8080WZ with WCON-08D
Hans-Joachim Weber (2005-09-23)


The thing many people miss most when going the digital way is the availability of a "real" wide angle focal length. The C8080WZ provides a range down to 28mm (in 35mm equivalent) which is not comparable to a real wide angle. Lets tell it this way: 

I really missed my MD W.Rokkor 24mm 1:2.8 lens and its focal length on my Olympus C8080WZ. 

I heard rumors, that the Olympus WCON-08D is a astonishing good piece of glass and so I decided to give it a try. The Olympus C8080WZ with WCON-08D reduces the focal length by a factor of 0.8 which in case of the C8080WZ results to 0.8*7.1mm = 5.68mm focal length, comparable to a 22.4mm lens in 35mm equivalent.

Olympus WCON-08D

And here mounted on my C8080WZ

Olympus C8080WZ with CLA-8 and WCON-08D a impressing havy piece of glass


and in top view...

Olympus C8080WZ with CLA-8 and WCON-08D in top view with both lens caps


Now let us look at my first pictures taken with this havy piece of glass.

september field

This picture shows the impressing depth of field available with such a focal length...
The shot of the whole picture was downsized from the Olympus 8MPixel resolution 3264x2448 to 900x675.
Olympus C-8080WZ with WCON-08D; 7.1-35.6mm 1:2.4-3.5; 7.4mm (23.5mm equiv.)  f4 1/320; 50 ASA

In addition I provide the full 8 MPixel (color and contrast corrected) file for you: 
P9190925 WCON08D_september_field_.jpg

Also you can download the original Olympus C8080WZ file (containing the original exif information):
P9190925 WCON08D_september_field.jpg

Lets look together at my second picture taken with the WCON-08D.

element earth

This picture is a 6 MPixel crop from the Olympus 8 MPixel resolution downsized to 900x636.
Olympus C-8080WZ with WCON-08D; 7.1-35.6mm 1:2.4-3.5; 7.1mm (22.4mm equiv.)  f4 1/320; 50 ASA

Here again for you to download the original Olympus C8080WZ file (containing the original exif information):
P9190927 WCON08D_element_earth.jpg

This picture again demonstrates the very good contrast and sharpness of this converter-lens combination.



Olympus offers the WCON-08D, a havy piece of glass, to extend the focal range of the C8080WZ down to 22.4mm (35mm equivalent) on the wide angle side.

Optically the WCON-08D in conjunction with the C8080WZ in my Tests produces very good pictures in the aperture range from f2.8-4. The best center sharpness is achieved from f2.8-f4, wheras corner sharpness increases to its best at f4. Even wide open f2.4 the results are really acceptable.

Vignetting is very low and nearly unvisible even at wide open aperture f2.4 a really astonishing result!

The handling of the large lens with the CLA-8 is not to be called optimal IMHO. Especially the fine thread
to mount the CLA-8 to the C8080WZ is sensitive and you have to remove the existing ring first too.  

The only optical disadvantage of the WCON-08D conversion lens I found till now is barrel distortion that becomes clear visible in architecture and other critical applications, as usual with most wide angle zoom lenses. For such applications its possible to simply remove this distortion in post processing with photoshop or other tools. Soon I plan to provide the necessary correction parameters for this combination here in conjunction with additional picture examples. 

So keep on watching this site!


Hans-Joachim Weber

(c) September 2005  

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