Many of us old minoltians have a dream... 

Give us back our creamy looking pictures
into the age of digital cameras.

Here I show you why...  

Comparison of  
MC Rokkor 1.2/58mm 
AF 24-85mm Zoom lens

Hans-Joachim Weber (2007-04-05)


Due to a post in the forum I want to demonstrate two typical shots taken with the following lenses clear showing the differences in practical situations.

MC Rokkor 1:1.2 58mm, the bokeh champion!

and a modern zoom lens

Minolta AF 3.5-4.5 24-85mm

The zoom is a typical lens optimized for MTF testing like most modern lenses are.  


Martin - available light portrait at a car stop - july 2006
Minolta XD5; Minolta MC Rokkor 1:1.2 58mm, f2.8, 1/60s; Superia 100ISO. 
This is where the old bokeh champion shines; sharpness more than enough 
and that outstanding creamy bokeh!

This old Rokkor from the 70ies really is the bokeh champion! 

And here in contrast what you get from many lenses of today...


Mike - Sony Alpha 100 Minolta AF 24-85mm at 50mm f5.6. 
Whereas the sharpness of the lens is very very good the picture as many other modern lenses 
clearly lacks the creamy look and feel of the unsharp background.
Decide yourself, it depends on your taste!

My decission is clear - the look of the old lens is much more what I like! 

There may be situations where the difference is not as dramatic as shown here, but the difference is clear!

For situations where pure sharpness is enough the zoom really is a very good lens!


Please, please, please Zeiss and Sony give us back these wonderful pictures!

Hans-Joachim Weber

(c) April 2007  

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