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Welcome you are cordially invited to visit the site of 
Hans-Joachim Weber Landshut Germany.

This is the place where you can find some of my pictures in the galleries section. 
Also available here are some informations about my history 
in photography and my most used camera systems:
The Minolta manual focus SLR system with its fine Rokkor lenses.
The Hasselblad 6x6 SLR system with its famous Carl Zeiss Oberkochen glass.
The Minolta Autocord one of the best 6x6cm TLR's.
The Rollei 35 a compact juwel. 
And my most used digital cameras
Sony Alpha, Olympus C-8080WZ, Olympus C-5060WZ, Epson PhotoPC 3000Z and Casio QV3000.
Have fun!

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You can easily switch back by pressing this key once again.


All pictures and text presented here are copyrighted
(c) to Hans-Joachim Weber (hjw) Landshut Germany.
Download or other usage of any text or picture
 from this site requires a written agreement with the author.
Please feel free to contact me.

Last site update: 12.02.2011


2010-01-14 Provider change finished. (hjw)
2008-09-02 Oliver Kahn's Good bye added. (hjw)
2008-07-23 Only some Rokkor 85 and 100mm shots for testing added. (hjw)
2008-01-18 Thaw weather added. (hjw)
2008-01-02 2008 selection added. (hjw)
2007-12-31 My goodbye from 2007 added. (hjw)
2007-12-15 Finds December 15 2007 added. (hjw)
2007-08-24 Minolta AF 1.7/50 and Minolta AF 1.4/50 shootout article added. (hjw)
2007-07-05 CZ 16-80 Sony 18-70 Minolta 24-85 Minolta 1.7/50 and Minolta beercan shootout article added. (hjw)
2007-06-06 Sony Alpha Steady Shot demonstration article added. (hjw)
2007-05-08 Sony Alpha Kit lens SAL 3.5-5.6 18-70mm via Minolta AF 1.7 50mm via Minolta MC Rokkor-X PG 1.4 50mm best shot article added. (hjw)
2007-04-05 Bokeh Dreams article added. (hjw)
2006-08-20 Minolta Autocord gallery added (hjw)
2006-06-05 The Minolta story goes on. The Sony alpha DSLR-A 100 comes to live. A link to the sony site (hjw)
2006-04-22 Olympus C-8080 Wide Zoom page added. (hjw)
2006-04-22 Nothing is impossible - sports photography with a Olympus C-8080WZ and TCON-14D article added. (hjw)
2006-04-19 Minolta manual focus gallery update four march pictures taken with the MD Rokkor 85mm 1:2 added. (hjw)
2006-01-19 A sad day for Minolta photographers this great name in photography goes its way to history (hjw)
2006-01-05 Breitachklamm in Januar 2006  (hjw)
2005-12-30 A visit to castle Trausnitz in December 2005  (hjw)
2005-10-20 Minolta W.Rokkor 24mm 1:2.8 compared against Kiron 24mm 1:2.0 my opinion. (hjw)
2005-09-23 Olympus C8080WZ with WCON-08D article with my first pictures added. (hjw)
2005-09-10 Minolta manual focus gallery update five pictures added. (hjw)
2005-08-24 Landshut_flood_water_August 2005 some pictures from today in Landshut. (hjw)
2005-08-21 Minolta manual focus gallery gallery comes to live. (hjw)
2005-08-04 My summer 2005 gallery added. (hjw)
2005-06-25 Picture degration due to UV-Filter article added. (hjw)
2005-06-05 Gallery nature updated one may picture (frog) added. (hjw)
2005-05-29 A wonderful day at Tannheimer Tal some impressions. (hjw)
2005-04-19 Gallery nature updated three april pictures added. (hjw)
2005-04-01 Gallery my dogs updated two pictures added. (hjw)
2005-04-01 Gallery landscape started. (hjw)
2005-03-31 Olympus C-8080WZ SHQ or HQ that's the question? article added. (hjw)
2005-03-30 Gallery black & white two pictures added. (hjw)
2005-03-29 Gallery my dogs started. (hjw)
2005-03-28 Rollei 35SE page added. (hjw)
2005-03-23 Gallery nature comes to life. (hjw)
2005-03-20 First pictures added to gallery architecture. (hjw)
2005-03-06 Site is going online under and as alias for